Being a big fan of Bloc Party I was highly excited to see Kele live at what is becoming my favourite venue in Glasgow, The Arches. With The Boxer being on heavy rotation before the gig, I was ready for a special show. Kele and his backing band kicked off strong with the almost military based electro of 'Walk Tall' and the crowd were instantly pulling shapes, whilst being abused by the wall of sound produced by the system (I've got to stop standing in front of speakers, but it's so fun). Other big hitters from his album are played early on in the set as well with the heartfelt drum and bass powered 'Everything You Wanted' leaving the crowd in awe proving that his solo tracks can hold a crowd and get them going wild. Then came a medley of Bloc Party tracks: 'Blue Light', 'The Prayer' and 'One More Chance'. Though I was interested by the tropical reinvention of 'Blue Light', everything else just sounded like remixes of bloc party tracks, which is fine, but why not let someone else do it? About an hour into the bands set they casually walk off the stage for a minute or so and then come back announcing “this will be part 2 of the set” dedicating a track to “old friends” they come back with...another Bloc Party song, this time in the form of 'This Modern Love', which again I enjoy but question if it's just there to fill up time until a second album is written. Tracks like 'Rise' and 'Tenderoni' are graciously received by the crowd and along with the lighting rig they create a real club atmosphere; with a room full of smiling faces dancing in front of the stage. With a warm friendly energy throughout the crowd, it's just a great place to be tonight. Despite my criticisms I've got to admit, this was one hell of a show. It would have been easy for Kele to use a Mac as his backing band, but with a 'proper' band backing him, it was something else. I will definitely be going to see Kele again, but hopefully after he's got another album to play with.