Eagerly anticipated album number four from DC Recordings' protege Kelpe is a summer tinged symphony of fractured beats and fondles in the dark. A carnival of pan pipe trips and whispering vocal samples, Fourth: The Golden Eagle is an epiphany of sound. Following a succession of singles and EPs through DC Recordings and Black Acre, Kelpe aka Kel Mckeown has ventured into the unknown, launching his very own label DRUT Records. Fourth: The Golden Eagle marks Kelpe's first album release since 2009's Cambio Wechsel, and arguably his most impressive work to date. Skating the line of melodic and chaotic just enough for it to work, Kelpe's signature trip-beats and hazy samples are back for a fourth round, and this time they mean business.

'Astrolomy' opens the album with a tantalizing melody, leading you into the forest of what is one of the most stand-out tracks on the album. Feverish vocal samples merged with twinkling synths and percussive flares make for a stellar opener. Ambient trills flutter over repeated melodies, and we're introduced to a new, fresh-faced Kelpe. The shuffling beats we remember from Ex-Aquarium and Sea Inside Body are still there, but the bass is funkier and steel drum intros are awash with faint bubbling chords and clashing drums. The inclusion of a swelling string section and the odd flare of brass is also a supreme highlight, as an orchestral flavor is added to this gargantuan melting pot of rhythm.

'Beaks Of Eagles', the second track and latest single, is massive. Swan diving into sudden minor keys throughout the introduction, Kelpe sifts in his beeps and whizz-pops before layering up the whole thing like a big old electro-trifle. During 'Single Stripe', a motif is brought in around the two minute mark that will bring a furrow of recognition to even the strongest brow. Akin to the 'just about to drop' moment, we'll call this "The Kelpe". Definition: the introduction of a previously unknown badass melody to lure us in right before the bass drops. The catchiness of said melody causes us to hail the master who brought this sequence of notes into our lives; all hail "The Kelpe".

This being said, there's a slight lull point around 'Glinterlude' where the term "kid-left-alone-with-a-sampler" comes to mind. The track with arguably the best name on the album (GLINTERLUDE!!) lacks the fluorescent musicality of previous tracks, feeling discordant and noisy. However, songs like the erratically funky 'Go Visible' and mellow 'Puds' definitely smooth over any speed bumps along the way. Furthermore, 'Outware' has the occasional tendency to make me feel like I'm getting a notification from Facebook Chat, but draws me back in with it's steady hypnotic bassline.

The final track on the album is the glitch-infused 'Answered'. Glowing melodies and fuzzy blips surround you in a blanket of hope, dreams and delusion; rounding off the album with a pretty unforgettable conclusion.

Forever skimming the line between melodic and disjointed, Kelpe has the incredible knack of traveling way into the beat of the obscure, before bringing you back to focus with signature bleeps and familiar melodies. In this glorious age of EDM and countless 90s R&B re-works, it's refreshing to find a producer who can delight with just noise, and what beautiful noise it is.