Venue: Banquet Records Date: 22/07/09 One of the truly great things about where I live is that I'm only a 10 minute train away from Banquet Records. Sure, if you've never been there before you might say I'm just a music geek that loves records (which would technically be correct) and that my choice of places to visit would be one sided but come on, the place is incredible. A music store that puts on gigs, is run by music lovers and knows the right people to have play in their store. Wednesday night saw the store welcome Kevin Devine into their arms. I've seen the guy play many times now and this was one of the strangest settings. A packed out but deadly silent (mostly out of awe) record store was always gonna be a bit odd and it came apparant that Kevin though the same too. Even with that said, he dealt with the situation quickly and tried to get people more involved. It was definitely one of the most withdrawn performances I've seen him do but that's exactly with the situation called for and he pulled it off beautifully. My personal highlight was 'Brother Blood'. I never really got the appeal of that song on record but seeing it live a couple of times this week has totally changed my view point on it. Excellent stuff.