Electrical Unity, Keyboard Choir's newest EP is free to promote their earlier album, Mizen Head To Gascanane Sound. But also the dustributing company/record company they used (Brainlove) used also went bankrupt, which is in fact the real reason it's been given away but the initial reasons sounds much more fitting. It does though have a couple of new songs and some live versions. Bugs opens with it's sample heavy organic electro. The swooning synths float along a metronomic beat, joined by crunching, whining guitar. There are few hints it's live, it sounds perfect only much rawer and emphatic. Samples are flitting about everywhere with Keyboard Choir. The speech samples intertwine with the backing soundtrack superbly, and nowhere has it better than title track Electrical Unity. The sample drift into a seven minute epic of Sigur Ros guitars and pulsing synths that could go on forever. It's electro at its most earthy. It has it's downsides though. Tokyo At Night just trickles along into something that passes by without threatening to grab your ear, the same goes with Transine. What goes before though, makes up for it no end, although there is a lingering feeling that while Sigur Ros heights are being flirted with, it's never taken to bed.