Kick to Kill’s new single “Cut me” is a fast paced song driven by consistent kick of the bass drum that acts as the heart of the song. It quickly evolves into a late 70’s or early 80’s synth heavy tune about lead singer Dave Cook’s experience of being stabbed four times while in Glasgow. The song is instantly captivating, enthralled by the constant kick of the drum you will find yourself wanting more, and you will get it. For four and a half minutes you will be treated to layers of magically arranged guitars and synth. The chorus “Come on, come on and cut me/Come on, come on and watch me bleed,” is aggravatingly tough as nails. Had this been an emo song about love, the line would lose any credibility, but because it is literally about being stabbed, you gain a level of energy from the song that pumps you up and makes you say “Fuck yea, let’s do this.” Rating: 8/10