Label: One Little Indian Release date: O3/08/09 Bath is not the first place that springs to mind when the word Americana is mentioned: Romans, yes; cowboys, no. So it is not that surprising to find ‘Burst its Banks’ is less of a dogie-herding gunslinger and more of a Frankenstein’s monster in chaps. The single begins with a loud bluesy-rock crash which then melts unexpectedly into some rather lame indie pop, a shift that occurs again, abruptly, later on in the song. On both occasions the transition is not a pleasant surprise but an awkward and slightly confusing shamble in an unwanted direction. Likewise, Chris Turpin’s vocals are rather odd, oscillating between a man singing through a mouth of cake, Freddie Mercury and a highly emotional German. Put simply, the song just doesn’t come together. That said, the band do manage to pull a rather poetic line out of the ol’ Stetson with, ‘The stars shone like switch blade silver.’ More importantly however, Richard Jones’ folksy violin playing towards the end of the track and the soft but ever present twinkling of a saloon-style piano hint at the promise of something far more satisfying and better executed. Kill It Kid will want to focus on these elements if they hope to capture that dusty, gritty, ‘light a match on my stubble’ feel of true Americana. Rating: 5/10