Label: Discograph Release date: 2005 Website: Buy: Amazon Kill The Young's self-titled album was an exhilarating debut those few years ago. To this piece of work they brought a quivering, yet razor sharp, vocal talent along with drums, bass and guitar that race together to the rhythm of a shocked pulse. The album had a confrontational discomfort in appearance due to its striking cover that features an aging socialite, with skin shriveled by years of makeup and smoking, who grimaces as she stubs a cigarette out on a vinyl. The clean 80s sounding guitar that breaks without warning into full on distortion with the occasional background buzzing that features on songs such as 'Origin of Illness' is the recurring strong point of Kill The Young. They encourage you to warm up for their verses, develop some excitement from the building drums and let it all out when they hit the chorus. All the while there's a haunting undertone in the arrangements, particularly in 'Addiction', and unsettling messages come through, which you don't have to listen very far to notice, especially just from hearing the track name, 'Kill Your Young'. The feelings that come across from all of this dominate the album. It's a non-stop onslaught until the end, when the whole tone is changed, but the band still make it a fitting ending to the record that pulsates with dark hype. They surprisingly pull off a brilliant acoustic cover of Cyndie Lauper's 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun'. No longer will hen parties take to the floor when this song is played. The album comes as a double whammy, accompanied by a DVD of Kill The Young's 2006 tour. This consists of some video diary style footage of the band getting up to some brotherly antics, with interludes of stunning gig footage that are directed at a great effect by Robert Whiteley, casting the band in a magnificent light. Also on the DVD are the videos for 'Origin of Illness' and 'Addiction'. These are reminiscent of the Cure's old music videos and one of them features the disturbing woman from the album's front cover. Rating: 7/10 MP3: Kill The Young - Girls Just Want To Have Fun (Acoustic)