Label: 100% Records Release date: Out Now! Website: King of the beatboxers and "joining the band on stage" whore, Killa Kela has come out his corner to thump the crap out of his music lineage. Built like an Amplifier, is Kela's new track and he's taken a brave departure from anything closely resembling his hip-hop collaborated past. The fact is that this is essentially a pop song. On the tin it may say it's an electro/guitar mash-up and am sure Annie Mac is going to shit when she listens to it, but strip away the fact you know its Killa Kela, and you could interpret it as just drum heavy pop music. There's little here that has Kela finger-prints on it. Perhaps in a bid to not get typecast (bit late now!), there's hardly any of his signature beat boxing - which feels a bit like going to watch Transformers and not actually seeing any transforming? You're waiting for him to come in with at least 30 seconds of mouth manipulation but there's hardly any of note. Maybe I’m mistaken, maybe the entire track is built by just his lips and a which case print out this review and torch it. As expected, it's got a lot of in your face attitude and it's aggressive even before you hear Kela's voice screech out the speakers. It's defiantly fast paced and does flirt with the experimental. Though experiments aren't always a good thing and in parts the backing track is one step up from someone torturing a horde of starved rats with a car battery and a bucket of water. Having said that though, it isn't bad, it's a well produced and polished track. I'm not sure who Kela wanted to target with his new sound, it seems to fall between the grooves of electro and rap to a degree. It will no doubt make 16 year olds tap their feet as they try to remember there myspace password so they can get to his page, but it's not really an essential selection. Imagine listening to ‘Does it offend you yeah?’ whilst chewing tinfoil - that's close to what this track is talking about. Rating: 6.5/10