Label Invisible girl records Release date: 24/11/09 Website Kin on Myspace Sporting a healthy dose of sparse electronics, live instruments and a goat-like voice, Kin, from Manchester, manage to find a spot in the “strange music with female vocals” niche (see Bjork, Bat For Lashes) with Dot Dot Dot, their debut EP. Like a wild mood swing, the rhythm changes from calm, composed moments into musical breakdowns. 'How to speak' starts with a very calm, smooth drum pattern and bass track and a subtly delayed guitar, before breaking into an epic onslaight that can leave the listener with an early case of the shakes. Be warned, though: Kin's voice can be a deal breaker, as her stuttering Louise Rhodes-esque (of 'Lamb' fame) voical delivery can be either off putting or extremely addictive. There also seems to be an undercurrent of anger in her voice (think Pet's Lisa Papineau), just waiting to explode. This piled up anger however is never released, so until the inevitable remix comes around the lip-trembling delivery will have to suffice. The fifth and final track, 'Hibiscus', is a tribal dirge that although eschewing the obvious climax, certainly grabs your attention with its seriously haunting ending. Recommended, if divisive - Kin's three dots certainly makes for a tempting ellipsis...let's hope the forthcoming album does it justice. Rating: 8/10 What say you on this? Sound off in our Fourum!