Label: Mi7 Records Release: June 1st King Charles looks the shit. Massive hair, chiseled jaw and a cheeky ‘tach all serve to construct the viable image, but how does he shape up on record? I’m happy to report that there is a continuity between his image and his sound; a hint of bombast, soft, slightly short-tongued London accent, melodic guitars and unobtrusive synths abound on 'Time of Eternity' (A side) and the ever-so slightly less stellar B side 'Beating Hearts'pairs up well. Time of Eternity starts inconspicuously with sparse guitar, a few hand claps, and a sinister melody. In time honoured fashion it’s not long before a thumping base and a catchy chorus replete with background shouts of ‘Hey!’; a more pleasant surprise is the positivity of the lyrics. ‘The death of a flower is no less tragic than the death of my eyes that practice black magic’ is a particular highlight. Though it might not sound like much when read, in the context of the song which is in itself a strange juxtaposition between sober melancholy choruses and themes of etrnity and love, smattered with satisfyingly major cadences, King Charles seriously makes it work. Ultimately, this song has real depth and is eminently listenable to, not too twee as to become quickly tiresome but not depressing or overly introverted. A treat. The opening slide guitars of B side 'Beating Hearts' set the tone for a similar proposition, albeit a less punchy one, and heavier on the sentimentality. Still, K. Charles’ voice is poignant, though his lyrics this time around are indeed less so. Insistent snares crop up frequently to up the pace a little, and are welcomed. Strangely, and disappointingly, the song breaks after 3 minutes (with only 30 seconds left to go) into a nice crescendo before fading out abruptly. Nevertheless, this is a confident and unique first single release. King Charles has what could very well prove to be an instantly recognizable voice and a similarly distinctive style, with hints of ‘romantic but sinister psychedelia’, as his press release suggests. Rating:7.5/10