I saw King Khan and the Shrines on sunday for the first time. BBQ played with them for alittle. Hes great; running around in hot pants and a trash bag cape sticking flowers in his ass. Part of his "entourage" is a man that appears to be like ninety on roller blades. A friend told me this guy got arrested last year for scaling a park sculpture or flag pole perhaps in nyc on his roller blades.  Part of the Black lips act was ripping apart pillows and throwing TP out to the crowd. Both of those bands rocked  Mccarren Park, even though sometimes music gets lost in that huge venue.  If you haven't heard of King Khan I HIGHLY recommend buying King Khang & BBQ "Whats for dinner?" Heres a link to Bvegan pictures, though they didn't really capture much: http://www.brooklynvegan.com/archives/2008/08/deerhunter_king.html -Violet