Label: Columbia Release date: 22/09/08 Link: After a tender 18 month gap since Because of the Times, the Kings are back with their fourth album Only By The Night. After hearing 'Sex on Fire' for the umpteenth time on the radio and loving it, I was left wondering "where is this Sodding album?" The day I got my hands on it had been pretty dull, I got stuck in a lift and lost a game of chair wars at work. I got home, turned the stereo up full volume and gave it a fair trial. The opening track 'Closer' which, if misread could reek of irony, set an inspiring tone for the album. There's something about Followill's howling Wuthering-Heights-Esque vocals that seem to rescue you from the monotony of everyday life and project you into something quite special. However, this album seemed to totally cock up what should have been a showcase of musical genius. There are some obvious gems in this pile of rubble, 'Crawl' and 'Be Somebody' more than definitely earn their place on the album, and a refreshing mix of folk rock Americana that makes the Kings so famous is accompanied with a twist of bells on '17' which makes for a refreshing change. Sure, tracks like 'Revelry' and 'Use Somebody' are unmistakeably the work of Followill and co, but as this album was produced so quickly after the success of the last one, avid fans were left thinking that the rush was because the Kings were on a roll. To me it feels like they've hit the "difficult second album" two albums too late. Given time, this could have been a work of art. They could have given it an extra 6 months and given the flimsy album fill-ins such as 'Manhattan' a miss. In reality, like a bunch of six year olds two minutes to home time, they've rushed something they could've taken care and time over, and handed it in half-finished and covered in smudges. I feel detention is a suitable punishment.