Label: Columbia Link: Words by: Jack Phillips Kings of Leon must be beginning to release singles bashfully now. Maybe they should put a sticker on their singles apologising to other bands saying “We'll Give You Guys A Chance Soon. Honest.” There was the Mr Brightside-replacing 'Sex On Fire,' a song that is guaranteed to be played at least twice in any club on any night, followed by the anthemic, knee-quakingly good 'Use Somebody,' and that is just from this album. Surprisingly, 'Revelry' has joined the party. Sure they could have released 'Manhattan' or 'Notion,' but the truth is they could have released any one of the 11 tracks on 'Only By The Night,' hell, they could have even released 'Sex On Fire's' B-side 'Frontier City.' It's not as though 'Revelry' is going to let the others down; it could so easily soundtrack a night-drive, the kind of night-drive you see in films when the passenger looks, pondering, out the window into the darkness, as the song makes them feel oh-so much better. The track itself doesn't kick in for a while, you begin to think maybe something else should have been picked, but 'Revelry' builds slowly, bit by bit, backing backing vocal by backing vocal. In single form, it seems over before the song has really been anywhere or done anything, yet in the context of the album it fits perfectly, it's as though when they took it out as a single they left something behind. Sure, 'Revelry' will sell well, not as well as it's brothers, but maybe 'Manhattan' would have been a better choice.