Label: EMI Website: Words By: Erikka Innes The new Kleerup EP Hello Holla offers a bittersweet listening experience. Part of the EP is weak, the rest is great, hence the bitter and the sweet. The EP starts strong with a track ('Tower of Trellick') that layers one set of sounds after another to create a mellow symphony of synth. The wandering trance beat and subtle textures created by the various kinds of electronic percussion that slide into the song then fade back out will keep your ear engaged start to finish. The second track, 3 A.M. (Munich Version), begins with a haunting rendition of the melody for Kleerup's hit '3 A.M.' It is played on an echoing, electronic organ. It's like listening to the video game version of church music. My only complaint is that the song never goes anywhere, as the melody is simply repeated over and over, never building to a bigger conclusion. Fortunately, there are two other solid versions of this track out there (a different mix than this one, with Lykke Li, and an acoustic version with Marit Bergman). The third track  (Iris) picks things back up with an ominous, driving trance beat. Synth chords that again sound like an organ and electronic effects float lightly across the steady rhythm, offering a more exciting rendition of the video game version of church music. Track four, Hello Hollam is the weakest of the bunch. Unlike the other three tracks which each engage the listener for all or part of the song, Hello Holla is unimpressive. While it's well made, it is too generic. It provides the listener with a standard drum beat and a little bit of noodling on a synthesizer. While track four is uninteresting, tracks 1-3 all have something unique to offer. The haunting melody of track two will stick in your mind long after you hear it and the layered beats in tracks one and three will make you feel like you're hanging out in the chill room of a super hot rave.