Label: Believers Roast Release date: 13/07/09 Website: I find it hard to truly love a band if I find the singers voice annoying and I guess that's the real issue with Knifeworld and their latest single, 'Pissed Up On Brake Fluid'. If you're unfamiliar with Knifeworld I'll fill you. Basically it's the solo project of Kavus Torabi (Cardiacs, The Monsoon Bassoon, Guapo) and see's him dabble with proggy sound swirls and epic sounds. The end sections of the song reminds me of the epicness that Biffy Clyro used to have back in the day, it's just unfortunate that the rest of the song lacks direction or quality and that mixed with his vocals isn't exactly a great mix in my opinion. Rating: 5/10