Label: Trouble Records Release date: 27/07/09 Website: Koko Von Napoo on MySpace Hello, we are Koko Von Napoo, and we haven’t quite worked out if we wish we were The Yeah Yeah Yeahs or just stuck in the 80s yet. Our singer is a girl and she has a voice that can get pretty high-pitched and off-key depending on how much emotion we want to put in to our songs which, actually, is not alot. We have dancy synths that, in our better moments, get pretty lush and spacey, but our favourite part is when they cut out or fade in to the background and everyone sings together over the drum beat. Hello, we are Koko Von Napoo, and we are actually quite vapid, but fun. We wrote these songs to be dance floor ready and instant hits, as soon as some more people actually hear of us. We probably have it in us to be quite creative if we didn’t keep re-hashing the same old tricks that have made up the vast majority of female-fronted synth-based Indie Pop for the past nine years (albeit doing it quite well), but then, we’re not trying to appeal to people looking for something creative and unique. We are trying to appeal to people who want to dance and have fun. And we are succeeding. Hello, we are Koko Von Napoo, and the best moment on our June EP is the Chateau Marmont remix of one of our earlier songs, Polly. It succeeds in bringing out the best in the song, shining a bigger light on some of our more interesting and inspired moments, but still managing (hopefully) to be equally as floor filling as the rest of the tracks here. *Not actually direct quotes. Rating: 7/10 if you like trashy synth pop, 3/10 if you don't.