Experimental electro has ridden the roller coaster of popularity in the last few years but has always managed to come through as a genre with some great tracks. It is difficult to see where French artist Koudlam is coming from when he describes his music as 'electronica, psychobilly and tropicala', yet the French self proclaimed symphonic composer is clearly successfully experimental. People are still making a fuss over his first album Goodbye, released all the way back in 2009 on the Pan European Label. From this record Koudlam gifts us with a number of releases; firstly the atmospheric 'Eagles of Africa' and now 'See You All' to be released on January 24th. It is a strong single from the artist and has been available for those who were willing to search the internet for nearly two years.

Within the track itself, the artist makes use of a repetitive orchestral riff, upon which he layers a selection of electronic drums and hand claps. The sound is relatively unique, and does create a simple yet highly effective base for the track. What makes it really interesting is the vocals. Although at first the artists vocals are debatable in their quality (almost a dreary moan) and lyrics indistinguishable , after a few listens they begin to become almost haunting. The roughness of the artists voice, and his choice of English rather than his native French really add something special to the track.

The song 'See You All' is one that take its time, but certainly grows on you. Hopefully we will start to hear more of the composer's work in clubs across Britain, but it has already found a home in the galleries and clubs of Europe. The classic set up of one man and his laptop has come through again, and we should all start looking to Koudlam for experimental electro genius.