Arising from the ashes of Pisschrist, and recruiting members of Nuclear Death Terror (yes, those are genuine band names), Kromosom have been terrorizing their home down under since 2010. The Melbourne-based D-beat/crustpunk/discore – the genre can't quite decide what to label itself yet – quartet have been unleashing hardcore thrash releases via vinyl, and giving everyone in earshot a bad case of tinnitus while they play shows comprising clawed-gullet yowls, shrieking lo-fi guitars and rattlesnake toms. It's noise. Angry, violent, speed-metal noise, like the death-cry of a meth-addled rodeo bull. Live Forever is their debut CD record; boy, it does not hold back. At a blistering 23 minutes (which equates to 15 tracks), it's more than enough to grasp Kromosom.

'Fallout' squeals and squawks amongst the barrage of .50 cal percussion. 'Hysteria' would be a bitch on Guitar Hero. 'Bred To Lose' whirls through evil white noise, spewing the obscene sludge of relentless noodling for a mere sprint, clocking in at 54 seconds. Comparatively, the title track is a Meatloafy ballad: hints of pitched instruments worm their way in, and it's possible to make out an intensely technical slurry of axe riffs. It's like they've gone all soft on us.

Granted, they succeed – nay, excel – in everything they put their hand to: it's definitely loud, unbearably fast and filled to the brim with pure, unadulterated hatred. This is exactly what they've aimed for, and kudos to them, they've hit the bloody bullseye. Melody is something alien to them; restraint isn't even in their vocabulary. But then it's never meant to be a gliding veil of blissful ambience, it's supposed to be a brutal assault on the senses that you don't 'enjoy' as much as you 'use it to psych yourself up before snorting shards of glass'. The best thing about the record, aside from how brilliantly they convey anger – by not only saying they're angry, but also making sure you're in an equally foul mood – is that the tracks are rarely more than 90 seconds long.

'Paranoid' is a vicious portion of hardcore cake, served with whipped doom. The hyperactive angst of paranoia is truly felt through the music here, and Kromosom do a splendid job of making tension an audible thing. Opener 'DBH' is ushered in with the clarion call of piercing guitars. If you listen closely, you can make out the neo-classical influences on the percussion, as the group weave polyrhythms and playful experiments with dynamics, both of which perfectly mirror the atonal riffage of low-slung guitars. Just kidding! Someone's just battering the drums as loud and fast as possible.

Obviously, if you have a natural disdain for washing/allergies to soap, a leather fetish and you punch people in the neck while swiggin' 40s, you'll probably love this. It's rough and raw. The silence at the end of each burst of pain is a cauterising moment of breathing space. A savage attack, this will satiate the bloodlust of those looking to express their fury in an earsplitting way. Do you want to scare an elderly neighbour? Whack on Kromosom. Do you want to put the fear of God into some small children? Kromosom'll do the trick. Whatever your problem, Kromosom will probably fix it (by beating your eardrums half to death with barbaric sonic atrocities, thus distracting you from the trivial day-to-day matters). In a word? It's inhumane.