Despite having no debut album as of yet, Kurran and the Wolfnotes band have already covered a lot of miles, done a lot of instores and even lost a member. They played a strong set tonight, playing live favourites in singles 'What a Bitch' and 'Your Four Limbs'. So much so New York-born front man and namesake Kurran joked that the latter was the only song the crowd had turned out for. At home with being on stage the band clearly had a lot of fun - even breaking from their pre-determined set list to do their catchy cover of Kelis' 'Millionaire'. The live set was great and the crowd really enjoyed it, tipped for 2011? All we need is a debut album guys! kurranandthewolfnotes Kyla la Grange played first, beneath KatW, although with the amount of people packed into the Queen's Head's upper room you would have been forgiven for thinking she was headlining, a clear product of the amount of hype she's been getting recently. Kyla's been around for a long time writing songs, but her recent rise to prominence has come with the addition of a band. If you haven't heard them, her voice is very distinctive on record, with many making comparisons to Kate Bush in style, and is as strong live, even without the production gloss. Kyla played second guitar for the first three songs (including opener 'Courage', the b-side to her debut single), which worked really well. This element was noticeably absent from the rest of the set as she jettisoned the instrument to perform the debut single 'Walk Through Walls'. Kyla and her band obviously have lots of songs and know how to play them; they are comfortable on stage and from her performance you feel that she could be the latest addition to the female-fronted Glastonbury love affairs (Florence 2008, Marnia 2009) especially if she keeps getting so much love from 6 music.