Label: Rough Trade Release Date: 13/09/10 Website: MySpace No matter how many times I hear a solo guitar intro, it will still draw me in: in this age of electronics and drum-machine pop, the charm of an acoustic guitar's expressiveness has become all the more appealing. Kurran and the Wolfnotes' new single, Your Four Limbs, begins with a quiet, late-Sonic-Youth-esque acoustic riff, before a softly accented British voice comes in over the top. Entrances of the other elements of the song are staggered after the vocals and main guitar, with various pieces of folk percussion and backing vocals seamlessly eased in as time goes on. In Kurran's words, a wolfnote is a "note that tends to howl on stringed instrument". There is little to no howling going on this single, with wistful melodies and vocal harmonies giving a rich and soft sound which reminds of a quieter Interpol (who the band state as an influence) or the gentler end of Idlewild. The lyrics are a description of a body, and the tantalising effects it has on the singer - an unrequited love song, quirkier than many but hardly memorable. While this song is a nice listen, especially in the melancholic hours late at night, it's also a little too inoffensive, and doesn't leave a lingering impression. However, it's indicative of Kurran and the Wolfnotes' potential. Photobucket