The way I feel about this album is the same way I feel about Nick Cave or V For Vendetta. These are all things that I just can't get into no matter how hard I try, yet at the back of my mind I'm perfectly aware that it's a probably a lapse in my judgement and everyone else is right. La Jovenc (real name Giovanni Dal Monte) is an avant-garde musician's musician - the Italian electronic producer has received huge praise from Barry Adamson, who composed the music for many David Lynch films (which only adds to the guilt of the music going over my head as I love all things Lynch).

My first impression upon listening to the album was a broken English Underworld meets Super Hans from Peep Show. As the album progresses other elements emerge; unusual, nonsensical lyrics and a discordant Burlesconi doing an impression of Tom Waits. What starts as an experimental beyond appreciation electronic album takes a U-Turn; 'Nobody's Baby' is like a cross between a Woody Allen film score and the infrequent occasion in which Tom from Tom and Jerry would break into a jazz song and start playing the double bass whilst crooning a female cat, before that bastard Jerry ruined everything.

There's a level of experimentation I can dig; but this goes further - which only leaves me feeling ignorant as if my music taste has low self-esteem. Removing the album from my iTunes won't keep me up at night, yet the niggly guilt remains as Dal Monte is clearly a very talented musician; the music is incredibly technical with obvious logic behind it, but the intelligence behind the music somewhat robs it of its freedom and soul and leaves an element of rigidity. The album feels a little forced - weird for the sake of weird, which leaves the listener with a feeling of ignorance for not understanding, when in actuality there's not much to understand in the first place.