Debut EP from LA2019 (Alias of Tom Skyrme) showcases atmospheric pop instrumental alongside minimal sampled vocals reminiscent of Baths. Although you can’t help but feel that Deco would fare better with consistent vocals, there’d be the danger of possibly sounding like a tamer Wu Lyf. Frantic synths and echoing military esque drum beats conjure up a chaotic layered landscape. Although it stares you straight in the face that this is yet another solo electronic/chillwave artist, LA2019 brings a completely different feel to an already established scene. There’s something about Tom Skyrme’s music which sounds like a trip into space while heavily drugged.

Opener ‘Airport Carpark’ starts with oscillating synths and an epic build up of drums, crashing violently before finding the rhythm. There’s somewhat of a Twin Peaks atmosphere about the song, an eerily upbeat instrumental that feels like a story with the key information hidden. The songs subconsciously blend into one another like one long song with the limited range of instrumental and lack of vocals but instead of sounding monotonous, it adds to the atmosphere of LA2019 as an artist. There are parts of the EP that feel futuristic film soundtrack, especially ‘Explosions’ which creates a sense of sinister events taking place in a strangely heroic manner.

This is the kind of music that’s hard to listen to whenever you feel like, more like the soundtrack to lying down in an empty field and stargazing at 3am. LA2019 lays down the foundations for promising future material with this ultramodern and compelling debut EP. Where others have fallen at the first hurdles, LA2019 has succeeded with a revitalizing take on electronic music that is out of this world.