Glasgow quartet Laki Mera release their debut album on September 12th through Just Music, the fiercely independent label run by John Benedict the ex MD of China Records (Morcheeba, Art of Noise.)

As soon as I started listening to The Proximity Effect I was drawn into a world of glitches, electronica, huge synths and one of the most beautiful female voices I’ve heard in recent times. The songs rock back and forth between being beautiful and angelic to dark and twisted.

Lyrically Laura Donnelley crafts pictures that suit the mood of the ethereal and often spacey music. It sounds personal but is wrapped up in a way that allows a sense of mystery to be kept. In the song Crater her voice hauntingly sings "take this invisible grenade and throw it as high as your remaining strength allows…."

The album was recorded mainly in the comfortable confines of their own studio in the heart of Glasgow. The production is absolutely crystal clear and razor sharp which is exactly what these songs require, it’s obviously something they consider heavily seeing as they actually named this album after studio terminology.

This has to be one of the best debut albums from the UK this year. It’s like Portishead going head to head with the Cocteau Twins. I’m sure I can even hear a bit of blonde redhead in there. Without a doubt I’ll have this on repeat for a while, finding more and more about it that I like.