Label: Morr Release date: 12/04/10 Website: Myspace The last time German band Lali Puna released a note of music was back in 2004, but now they’ve offered up their fourth LP, Our Inventions. It’s clear from the gentle opener of the album, ‘Rest Your Head’ that this record is more of the same sophisticated electro pop that we’ve come to expect from them. The deftly written melodies are set against a bleeping background and carried by keyboard player and singer Valerie Trebeljahr’s soft and compelling vocals. Each song from the first half of the record seems like such an expansion from the previous track that you’re left with a difficult-to-shake feeling that everything is rather samey. Despite this, each song is definitely well crafted and the quality of songwriting is arguably some of the best we’ve ever heard from the quartet. ‘Move On’ manages to shake some of this repetition that the first half of the album suffers. The song order is badly judged also; the actual variety contained within the album is overwhelmed and not allowed to shine at times. ‘Move On’ throws off the lilting electro tones from the start of the album and manages to sound gritty, leaving some of the elegance behind. Unfortunately as it moves into the middle section, it loses this new sound and slips back into the predictable manner and that’s how it stays. At times Our Inventions feels forced. Maybe it’s the fact that expectations have been set so high, or that music of this genre has has moved on without a peep from Lali Puna, one thing is for certain; they appear to have lost the magic they once possessed. Gone are the intriguing arrangements, only to be replaced with regrettably cautious and forgettable sounds. ‘That Day’ does its best to convince us that Our Intentions is not just more of the same, but sadly it fails to hold enough interest to make it a success. It’s nice enough to listen to, but most of it is lost to the background. It ticks all the right boxes, yet Lali Puna seem to have played it pretty safely, especially as this is their first album of new material since Faking the Books. With a title like Our Inventions, there doesn’t appear to be much inventing going on, but why fix something that’s not broken? Photobucket