Written by Philip Honour

This review very nearly didn't happen due to the never ending engineering work that has crippled London's tube system at the weekend's and when I finally got to Somerset House (three hours after I left my flat), I was really looking forward to relaxing with a cider and bathing in the nostalgic 90s beats of Lamb.

I was not disappointed with 'Gorecki', 'Gabriel' and material from their self titled debut album and follow up 'Fear of Fours' working the crowd into a frenzy. However, looking past the old classics, Lamb are a band that have not aged well. The new material that was debuted this evening lacked the energy and passion of their early work and whilst Lou Rhodes voice is still as striking and beautiful as ever, they sounded tired.  A reference to the "non-commercial" nature of their comeback (it was for the fans, not for profit) did not convince a crowd that were struggling to connect with the new material and although Lamb were very much playing to the converted tonight, you couldn't help but feel that the crowd were slightly underwhelmed by proceedings.

As the Somerset House Summer Series draws to a close and revellers eyes turn towards the forthcoming film programme, it is privilege to see such a diverse range of fantastic acts in such a beautiful setting. Promoter Metropolis will find it hard to beat this year's line up but I for one am already looking forward to next summer. Tonight's show may have been a bit of a damp squib but it was made all the more enjoyable by the setting (and the fantastic company, you know who you are).

I wouldn't write Lamb off just yet but I would recommend any newcomers to the act to focus on their old material rather than the forthcoming release.