Photos by Ben Harris

For one of the most talked about artists in pop. Well when I say talked, I mean the most blogged, tweeted and shared artist in the whole social network community, playing in the dingy back-streets of Birmingham was not exactly the pinnacle of her short career. Or was it “Ber-ming-haaarm”? As pronounced by Elizabeth Grant in her somewhat sultry American accent. Once inside, things looked up. The HMV Institute is a former library, refurbished and turned into a small music venue. Lana had also put her small, but incredibly detailed touch on the venue, with three large balloons, which acted as projector sheets. Clever, huh?

You could sense the air of anticipation. This future-megastar, had filled the hall, an hour before she was due to go on. Firstly, her band arrived. Suave and oozing with confidence, yet somewhat forgotten about once the lady herself. Lana Del Rey touched down. She wore a laced dress combined with her trademark waved hair, the 25-year old looked mesmerizing. For a few seconds, I was in New York and it was 1950. Until the person to my right screamed “You’re fit”. Back in Birmingham.

8 songs ensued, which took you on Lana’s journey. Her feelings, her inspiration and her life. “Blue Jeans” was carefully placed in 3rd, this being the B-side to “Video Games”. Del Rey, with only 2 well-known songs, captivated the wide-eyed audience to a point where she could have played a Nirvana classic, and the audience would not have noticed. The American not only had the crowd in complete awe of her silky smooth vocal but she provided witty chat in places, setting the place alight when she announced to the swooned crowd, “let’s do video games”.

The “Gangster Nancy Sinatra” then provided us with a different taste. Rap took this lady on a completely different path. Slightly more up-tempo and seemingly filled with deeper anger, the American ended the short but sweet night on a different tone, giving us a glimpse of what we have to come.

“Hype means nothing”. In this case, the hype is true. Grant is set for super-stardom. Not only do I like her. My mother likes her. My father likes her. My younger sister likes her. My Grandma likes her. My best friend likes her. My editor likes her. You’ve probably heard it a thousand times now but Lana Del Rey, really is special.