Release Date: 29/09/08 Label: Little Power Records Link: Language are an Avant-Garde-Electro mash up of a band and are about to release a damn good Double A-side in the form of Macadamia/We Are Here. I will happily confess that the music they create is generally something i'll reserve for a good night out at an indie club with plenty of 'Hoegaardens' in my belly but I actually think this could bridge the gap for me. First up 'Macadamia' which is definitely the strongest of the two tracks with it's slightly less mainstream feel to it, like if Animal Collective got wasted one night and just wanted to experiment with electro. It's fast, raucous and will pull at you from every side to get you dancing. 'We Are Here' reminds me of the Klaxons but without the cheesy Nu-Rave element and generally crapiness. I guess it's more of a chorus vocal thing rather than musical. It's a solid track but falls in comparison to 'Macadamia'. Double A-Sides? Do they work? Generally not but on this occasion they do! Rating: 4/5