Label: Self Released Release Date: Out Now Website: I really like when I take a listen to a band for the first time and I can't really compare it to other bands right away. It makes me think about the music. Really take a listen. It sucks me in and engages me in a way that doesn't happen when your favorite band releases a new record. After you listen to Apocalypse Youth, this young band's first proper EP, you'll be wanting to hear much more to see if they can keep this sense of orginality throughout. What keeps Laterns. fresh and interesting is that they combine so many different styles in each one of their songs. In the opening track, "Midnight Psalms (Alright!)", they go from the catchy hooks and claps of well written powerpop, then to the wall of intense sound of post-rock, then to the anthemic fist pumping of poppy punk. I can almost see them playing and it's a show that I like being at. They are like the rare occasion when the opening band knocks the socks of the headliner. Even though they are a traditional four piece, they fill up so much space with good layering of guitars, solid driving basslines that are never pushed to the background, and the kind of intense drumming that would make Keith Moon proud (I swear I heard a cymbal shatter). The only thing I have to say that's negative is more of a personal thing. Some of the chanting and vocals hooks that are used to add an even more catchy element to the music and get people singing along detracts from the talent of the musicianship. Their songs are catchy enough on their own without trying to get me suckered into humming along to vocals. I just really enjoy the solid rocking out they have going on and think that should be front and center. As an introduction to their sound, Laterns. has kept me intrigued. These 5 songs really aren't enough. They obviously have an ear to create songs that will get a crowd moving and demand their attention. I hope they have plans to be at SXSW this year before they head out on their nationwide tour come July to support the full length, Young Wizards they are currently working on. I'M VERY INTERESTED. For fans of : Bear Vs. Shark, Elefant, The Stills 8/10