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Much has been made of Liverpudlian newcomer Låpsley, especially since her deal was inked with much-vaunted label XL. Still a teenager, Holly Fletcher - the singer/songwriter/producer behind Låpsley - has already scooped a cavalcade of accolades, including a spot on the BBC Sound Of longlist.

It's pretty easy to see why. Her voice is impeccably fine-tuned, and on her label-debut Understudy, like a sadistic marionette master, she'll yank at strings, push your buttons and general make you bawl like a toddler. It's a cliché, but she's got a maturity that belies her age; the command of subtle inflections in '8896', or the nuanced hope in 'Brownlow', demonstrates her grasp of the sonic arts. Much has already been made about 'Falling Short'. Rammed with clicking fingers, maudlin piano balladry and untamed vox, it's an effort that makes you stop and stare.

One qualm about Understudy is its tendency to slip into passive realms. Fletcher is an overtly talented musician, and she sprinkles these four tunes with a modicum of genius - it's a wonderful EP, but it could be so much more. A jolt of energy, a zap of pace, a quick dive into less fluid realms. Obviously that's her style, and she does it well, but as a teaser-release to introduce her to a wider audience, it doesn't show off other sides to her that surely exist. We want her fury, her joy, her fear. Selfish? Perhaps. Probably.

That said, you can't knock her at the game she's undertaken. If you're looking for swoony, dreamy, gauze-smothered wisps of smog-flavoured sad-pop, Fletcher's for you. If you feel like drowning in post-hangover self-pity, or lovelorn isolation, she'll be there. Not with a warm shoulder and a box of tissues, but with proddy fingers whispering 'feel more, cry harder'.

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