Wake Up To The Waves is the debut album of Darren Maloney and Brian Rice. The two men who make up trippy synth duo, Last Days of 1984. The 7-track LP is filled with dance more suited to the indie-disco crowd than the clubbers amongst you, but there's a little for everybody mixed in here. Little being the key term.

The mouthful that is 'Francois Truffant/ Event Sociologique' comes first. Yes it's over 7 minutes long, but don't be put off. I know it's hard to make that sort of commitment these days, what with today's generation who need to have 6 different tabs open in case one webpage has to load for longer than 20 seconds. However, saying that, this track could probably have been halved and come out better. Little happens in 7 minutes that couldn't have been processed and appreciated in half that time.

'River's edge' fairs better. Paper thin vocals call from beyond the void to accompany some psychedelic synth styling reminiscent of some of Washed Out's synth progressions. There's a few screeching sounds you could do without, but the harmonious chanting really saves it. A remix by the likes of Toro Y Moi could make this a classic.

The etheral vocal harmonies of Maloney and Rice are easily the best parts of the album. 'Safari's' laid back vibes would fade into obscurity if not for their crucial element. If you're going on your gap year anytime soon, stick this on your ipod and you'll have the perfect track to 'find yourself' to in your Thai hostel.

Now I know chillwave was so 2010, but with the return of another 7 minute track, 'Season' might be in my top 2 tracks of the album. Updating the formula with some afrobeat drums and a messed up synth orgy on the tail end of the track the duo show that they do know how to keep a track interesting for a full 7 minutes.

Now you know I said that 'Season' was in my top 2 favourite tracks from this album? Here's my favourite, 'Wave Life'. I'll always have a soft spot for West African guitar licks and calypso steel drums done the capitalist western culture way and you should too. You won't be able to stop yourself from tapping your toes or shaking your tailfeather or whatever it is you do when you hear a song and your body decides to move of it's own free will.

If Robocop was a song, this would probably be his own Toro Y Moi good vibes remixed b-side. Sure it starts with echoes of 'Wave Life' but in come some heavy duty steel foundry beats and glitched out synth scales to juxtapose eachother every 30 seconds. Schizophrenic sure, but at least it's interesting.

Last Days Of 1984 have put together my definition of a 6/10 album. There's some good ideas and a couple of tracks I love, but the report card has to read must try harder.