Welcome to the final part of my latitude review! Sunday (a.k.a the better get up early and see Joanna Newsom Day)

I decided that after the meagre amount of bands I saw on the Saturday that I would make more of an effort on the final day and I was very glad I did.

The person I was looking forward to the most this entire weekend was Joanna Newsom and it seems i wasn't the only one as the main stage was rammed. Added as a special guest, Joanna Newsom got the sort of reception legends get, with people clapping like their life’s depended on it, which in turn helped to create a humongous smile on miss Newsom's face . It must be a weird position for this young Californian harpist to be in. Being critically acclaimed and selling out anywhereshe plays but yet still relatively unknown in the commercial sense but this didn’t seem to faze her too much. Well, apart from during 'Sawdust and Diamonds' when she had to stop quite a few times due to forgetting lyrics. Usually this is the sort of thing that would kill an artist but for Newsom it only added to the overall experience as various members of the audience would shout out the lyrics to try and help her “I’ve never done this before in my entire life, I’m so nervous” This statement only endeared her more to the crowd. Not only did she treat us to songs from both of her amazing albums, she also swapped the harp for a piano for a three new songs, which all sounded amazing. A truly magnificent hour which made the previous nights bands look like amateurs (7/5 yes 7/5)

Next up was a band I’ve liked for some time now but i never really listen to anymore. The band was Fields and they tried their hardest to win over the main stage crowd but it didn’t seem to work. Songs like 'If You Fail, We All Fail' worked perfectly but overall the performance seemed a bit lack lustre (3/5). After that I ran over to the Sunrise Arena to catch Jeremy Warmsley. Last year he was one of those people I wanted to see but also one of those people i wasn’t that bothered about if I missed but this year I was adamant that I would see him, even if it was just to put that ghost to rest. Luckily he was well worth seeing. The old songs like 'Dirty Blue Jeans' sounded great but it was the newer songs that really got everyone going. Imagine Get Cape Wear Cape Fly but not annoying and actually good (4.5/5). Next up was Noah and The Whale. To be honest at this point I was sleeping outside of the Uncut Arena so I will have to go by the two songs I heard and say that they were surprisingly good. Often they get recommended to me by people I don’t trust the music taste of but those people are acquitted for this one! (Not fair to give a rating). Once I woke up I headed over to the main stage for the middle of the afternoon double header of Nada Surf and Foals.

Nada Surf were very good, especially for a band nobody seems to know about. Personal highlight was during 'Inside Of Love' when they got the entire crowd to do a two step, it was just one of those perfect festival moments seeing everyone dance like that. (3.5/5) Straight after that was Foals, a band I hate one day and love the next but thankfully it must have been a day of love for me as they pulled of one of the performances of the weekend. Playing mainly from album Antidotes, Foals felt like seasoned professionals, despite only just arriving in time from Spain after their appearance in the early hours of the morning at Benicassim. Personal highlight was 'French Open' (4.5/5). The main talk of the day was about seeing Blondie that night but not caring either way I decided to check out Okkervil River for a few songs before heading back to the tent to cook. They seemed pretty good but to be fair I only saw a couple of songs so I wont judge.

Once I got back to the tent and drinking with friends entered my agenda the idea of seeing Interpol was shut short, add this to the pouring rain I just don’t think I was meant to see them play. So that was that, another year over, and yet another great experience. Easily still the best festival I’ve ever been too, this includes Glastonbury and I really can’t wait for next year to make it four out of four!

Come back on Sunday for my Latitude Mix-Tape!