Laurel Halo makes music for people who like dissecting music. She places, deliberately or not, so many little homages in her tracks that it’s difficult to count them all, but in ‘Speed Of Rain’, 4th track on Hour Logic, her latest EP, it’s relatively easy to find everything from an amen style break to komische synths to kraut pulses to whatever else you want to find. And the rest of the EP is like that, over half an hour of rich sonic exploration into everything electronic and spacey.

To put it simply, if there was an artist more destined for recording on Hippos in Tanks and Fact magazine stardom, I’ve not found them. Her spacey and slightly suspended feeling tracks from Hour Logic recall the sounds of early Emeralds, or any number of Mego artists at their smoothest. It’s darker than her previous work, but it benefits from that – it sounds more like a proper exploration of what Halo can do, rather than what artists like her should be doing. It almost completely ditches the R‘n’B aspect found on some of her earlier works, and replaces it with room to breathe and more of a feel of freedom and a truer feel of her potential.

The influence of drugs can’t be downplayed either. It’s pretty weak to say that “oh my god, they must’ve been on weed to make this!”, but she’s put the genre down as 420 and her twitter pic is the skeletal layout of heroin (though I’d imagine that’s more symbolic and iconic than an actual statement), so there’s big hints that she’s aware of the link. It is music that takes aspects from artists known for their psychedelic influence consumption and makes something that sounds like it was made to be listened to on those substances.

It’s a record that dumfounds as much as anything else – there’s no logic to it, it won’t slot into place, but it feels warm and more like a feeling or a trip than a proper EP. It’s music made by a musician for music appreciators rather than for chilling to; it’s a complex work made to sound simple and blasé. A real achievement.