Label: Doomtree Records Release date: 28/09/10 Link: Official Site In lieu of writing about this, I present a formula: Let f=Legend Recognize Legend (his debut LP). Let x=cumulative rating. Let i=Lazerbeak himself. Let m=the singer from Smash Mouth. Let v=Lazerbeak’s vocals and b=the music. Now: ƒ(x) = π[v^i(m)/b!]*x By letting pi act as the multiplier for the entire rating (which is modified by the album), we can create a decimal that will allow for finer rounding and total scoring. Now we must consider the vocals that Lazerbeak delivers, which are exponentially multiplied and derived from a combination of Lazerbeak’s original voice, which has been multiplied with the tone of the voice of the singer of Smash Mouth (which multiplies LB’s effect). That then must be divided by the backing music LB created, which would make sense considering that this is a solo album. Then we multiply that by the total perceived rating to come up with our pure solution! Simple, right? Now just let me throw this into Max/MSP while I still have the script running. [LOADING….LOADING…..LOADING…..LOADING….LOADING…] ANSWER:5.93677500927746729847567720018368487656779390987837920834775083774… Well, that was easy. Enjoyable but tarnished by the poor vocal delivery, which is all over the damn place. I wish I had liked his vocals more, because the music really wasn’t half bad. Hell, for electropop this wasn’t that bad, but my expectations aren’t too high for new electropop acts as of recent. Photobucket