Le Volume Courbe is mainly the work of London-based French woman Charlotte Marionneau and together with her collaborators she plays a dreamy, acoustic based style of indie-pop. Charlotte has previously worked with such luminaries as Kevin Shields of My Bloody Valentine, and Hope Sandoval and David Roback of Mazzy Star, and those bands are certainly an influence on LVC’s sound. If you can imagine those acts with an emphasis on acoustic instruments and a French accent then you will get an idea what this sounds like.

It’s been six years since their debut album was released and this EP is actually a reissue of a release from last year, although this time it will be available as 10" vinyl. Two of the tracks are cover versions so anyone keen to hear more of their new original material will have to wait a bit longer for the second album to be completed.

‘Born to Lie’ is the lead track and it’s a rather delicate, melodic effort. The strings alternate between lush sweeps and pizzicato, and all of the instruments are acoustic. Charlotte sings in English with a prominent French accent and her vocals are dreamy and often close to a whisper.

‘I Love the Living You’ is a Roky Erickson song and was one the highlights of the Sonic Cathedral label’s Erickson tribute album. I'm pleased to see it get another release as it is a great cover. It's very minimal with just Kevin Shields’s acoustic guitar, plus occasional strings and accordion. This will certainly be of interest to fans of My Bloody Valentine’s more acoustic moments. Le Volume Courbe's own song 'Lazy' is barely two minutes long but it's the catchiest thing here, although the electronic noises jarr against the delicate music box melody. Closing track 'Le Petit Chevalier' is a Nico cover – originally on her album Desertshore - sung in French and dominated by violin and percussion. At just 12 minutes in length, this is a brief glimpse at the world of Le Volume Courbe, but it whets the appetite for what their second album will sound like.