During 2010 Left with Pictures embarked on an ambitious project to write, record and produce a song and video during each month of the year. Each song was debuted on Gideon Coe's 6 music show and these tracks together make up their new album In Time.

In Time is filled with great vocals, and beautiful instrumentals and arrangements which nods to the bands classical training. Left with Pictures combine beautifully intricate sounds with a raw talent for storytelling. The album shows the bands incredible range from the a cappella 'October Waits' to the Christmas closer 'Forgive Me' and pretty much everything in-between from engaging piano, to synthesizers, to strings, it seems there is no end to the bands talents.

In Time is not flawless but there are moments where it reaches close to utter perfection. The stand out track 'River Avon' perfectly captures a heartbreaking tale of lost love. It is a remarkable achievement that despite each song being recorded a month apart the album blends so seamlessly. It perfectly captures the passing of the year in song and gives us a hint of each month during which it was written, from the upbeat and summery 'June' to the cold whistling bleakness of 'This Light'.

In Time is a classy and beautiful work. Left with Pictures are an exciting and talented young group who have successfully completed an inspirational project. It is testament to them that they managed to bring so many wonderful fresh ideas together and make them coherent enough for the tracks to work as an album. In Time is an astounding project and one that has come off almost perfectly.