LocationBrick Lane, London Date14 July 2009 Words and photo: Yasmin Selena Butt London's great. You could be out drinking on a date on a school night just off Brick Lane, when a sultry eyed lady cajoles you to hold a cigarette between your lips, snaps it half and then decided to flick a whip at you to pick it out. Blindfolded. No harm done, Peter Wright survived with a smile on his face to the applause of the audience. Such are the delights on offer if you head on down for a night of acrobatic and visually pleasing delights with Leo and Yam and Friends. Besides the call for audience participation from doe eyed catty hostess and performer Catalina Del Castillo, who for the record can also balance a feather on her nose while playing the accordion, scares shy boys and is handy with a knife - 'careful, a woman with knives and she's out of the kitchen!', the run at the Brickhouse included a changing bill of guest performers to accompany Swedish/Israeli duo Leo and Yam's show. Photobucket All the fun of the circus, but in close and intimate surroundings. This reviewer's only gripe was the night flew by too quickly. We wanted more Leo and Yam. It felt like a tease to see just three routines. One as a duo and two solo pieces. They've recently performed again at Glastonbury and their excellence has been noted with Time Out, it's easy to see why. They're inventive and mesmerising to watch and introduce an element of sexuality, grace and beauty that stirs the blood making for sensually pleasurable viewing as well as of course being a feat of enviable athleticism. Leo Hedman with his blonde spikes, sinewy body and painted face has an air of the unpredictable about him. When he takes to the stage, you are hypnotised by his androgynous, cold beauty and direct stare. His routine set to rock music reminiscent of the 80's modern gothic flick 'The Hunger,' is a play on tantalising vampirism, but interspersed with F.W Murnau's silent Nosferatu with his sinister talons. He stalks the stage akin to a cheetah about to strike, beckoning to the audience, wrapping himself in the silks like a moth's sarcophagus rippling in the air as he performs a daring routine that elicits gasps as he tumbles like a bird from the sky. It's the highlight of the evening. All the acts perform to a modern soundtrack , juggler Toby Walker is a James Brown man and whirls balls through the air until the air blurs. Despite the occasional drop the level of expertise is clear to see, later he brings clubs into a second routine which appear to literally bounce off his body, as he bounces a ball on his head. It's a seamless routine, exhilarating to witness. Hedman's artistic partner Yam Doyev's routine to Damien Rice's ' Older Chest' is a subdued but beautiful, graceful piece. It's like watching a ballet solo in mid-flight. Clad in black and smattered with glitter, she cuts a mournful sight entwined with with white silks. After Del Castillo illustrates the formula of love with the assistance of two extremely shy men from the audience and a trio of knives, the show ends with Doyev and Hedman performing a sexy, coquettish routine of dexterous strength and mischievous power games to a funky soundtrack. The couple flirt as they swing and balance on the one rope trying to force the other down, both clad in evening wear. Doyev shows of her unusual strength by dangling Hedman with a single arm. It's a lovely subversion of the classic gender roles performed by artists who clearly have a unique balance and chemistry. Hedman bends his legs into impossible positions that leave you wincing. You're left wondering what they could do with a bigger drop, a bigger stage. If you want a night out with a difference pitched at the same price as a night at Punk or a ticket at the cinema go to the circus. It's come a long way and frankly it's pretty sexy. Oh and the formula for love? All you need is a clever base, a crazy fool.... and a little danger. Just in case you were wondering... Find out more about Leo and Yam visit: www.leoandyam.co.uk