Label: Carpark Release date: 18/11/10 Website: Myspace Buy: Amazon Chaz Bundick has already had an outstanding year with the release of Causers of This to almost universal acclaim (with the exception of the chillwave haters) and his streak continues here with the hype that Les Sins is beginning to achieve. It seems like anyone that has caught on to Les Sins thus far has referred to it as Toro Y Moi’s dance alter-ego. While this is certainly true on a literal level, Bundick is the mastermind behind each of these airy beat driven projects, it also works on a sonic one. As such, ‘Lina’ sounds pretty much like you’d expect a Toro Y Moi dance project to sound, namely simple boom-bap beats, chilly synths and funky basslines. It pretty much just sounds like someone took Causers of This and upped the tempo to dancefloor friendly speeds. Other than this obvious tempo shift, ‘Lina’ has all the aforementioned hallmarks of a Toro Y Moi song. Even the sentimentality of the lyrics is prototypical Bundick. The “I thought you wouldn’t move out” refrain would certainly be right at home on songs like ‘Talamak’ or ‘Low Shoulder’. It’s well done, it’s interesting and if you’re a fan of either Toro Y Moi or dance music you’ll find something of merit in ‘Lina;. I’m excited to hear a full length. Photobucket