In the capitalist Western World of 2011, there are few things you can't purchase with your pennies, scrimped together after umpteen hours at that dredge of a job. Thankfully, love and laughter and all of the emotional lust of life are still, pretty much, free. Some may argue, however, that happiness, that measure of contentment, is for sale; as we pay for things and food and events that make us smile. Let's Buy Happiness may be proponents of this ideology, which works well for the band of bouncy indie poppers, because purchasing the creations they craft is a quick fire blast of bliss thanks to the finely tuned merriment embedded in their single 'Fast Fast'.

Tribal drums kickstart the whole procedure, harking back to the age old beat of the musical force, before the sweetly growling tone of Sarah Hall begins to chirp, an intonation that is equally alluring and powerful. A mixture of softly sonorous guitar that grumbles with increasing volume throughout and a backing vocal line that must surely be an extra recording of Miss Hall, utilising the age old 'ooh' to craft a rich soundscape to what may be perceived as a throwaway bit of indie pop.The Newcastle based band have crafted a slow burner that builds and builds into a tense culmination of instrumental sauntering that burns out in the blink of an eye.