Release date: 18/01/00 Website: Liam Frost duets with Martha Wainwright on this slice of old-fashioned piano-led honky tonk pop. With ‘Your Hand In Mine’ being the result of a collaboration with Ed Harcourt, and the layered production showcasing a Phil Spector-esque feel, it is clear the bar was set high for this and Liam doesn’t disappoint. A lively sound that is heightened to another level by Martha’s distinctive vocals. She’s not been asked to tone down her style and her classy vocals complement Liam’s Mancunian tones perfectly leaving some addictive harmonies. A love song but never soppy, it encapsulates those affectionate feelings perfectly: “A fever in my fingertips shook right through my spine”. It could have been recorded in the 50s but also has an alternative and contemporary feel. ‘Your Hand In Mine’ is happy, soulful and has great pop hooks. The perky “ba-bada ba-da ba-das” are of the highest standard and will stay in your head for hours after hearing the song just once. Halfway through, Martha tells you to “Scream it out at the top of your lungs”, advice it would be churlish to shun. Rating 8/10 What say you on this? Sound off in our Fourum!