Liars' latest WIXIW is an unnerving cacophony of tension, fear and exhilaration and tonight their set at XOYO is no different.

A suited and booted Angus, Julian and Aaron take to the stage to the warm, longing chords of WIXIW opener, 'The Exact Colour Of Doubt'. The arresting beats of 'Octagon' quickly destroy the initial false sense of security as Angus shakes his head violently from side-to- side mirroring the tracks anxious rhythms, before coming to a halt and omitting a guttural, primal howl to herald the arrival of 'Let's Not Wrestle Mt. Heart Attack'. As the thudding beats explodes heartbeats and the strobes blind our eyes it's clear from the outset that Liars are here tonight to do what they do best – mess with you.

'WIXIW' continues this seesaw of emotions as the track's looped ethereal intro caves in on itself sending Augus from a crooned-calm to manically beating a cymbal, the peace is once again restore with 'Valley Of Prophecies' until 'Scarecrows On A Killer Slant' blows it all away again as Angus screams “why you shoot the man with the gun” fist-punching into the equally enthused crowd.

XOYO – a venue not normally known for its' sound quality – tonight does an outstanding job at transmitting Liars' heavily texture audio. Unlike the band's performance earlier this month at Field Day, where the beats and looped intricacies of the new tracks were lost across the field, this evening the sound is beautifully immersive. The eerie tenderness of 'Who Is The Hunter' is fully-realised, whilst the stomping urgency of 'Brats' (despite a false start) becomes the hard-hitting dance track it should be.

The set sprawls the whole of the band's eclectic career, but never for one second does it not sound like one journey as old and new are positioned neatly side-by-side. Surprises come in the shape of the band pulling out rarities, like 'The Pillars Were Hollow And Filled With Candy So We Tore Them Down' from Fins To Make Us More Fish-Like EP and a raucous version of 'Holds Hands And It Will Happen Anyway' with Angus pacing the stage, twisting seven of his fingers back to spitted screams of, 'there are seven!'.

'Plaster Casts Of Everything' closes the set with Angus' manic orders of, "I wanna run away, I wanna bring you too" and it's clear tonight that everyone's along for the ride.