I got to listen to the latest release from Will Oldham (a.k.a Bonnie Prince Billy) and I have to say I was fairly impressed by it all. But as I went to bed last night I thought about the setting in which I listened to it, which was me on a couch with a cup of coffee, headphones attacheI and a dog by my feet and I realised that I needed to put it through it's paces in a less comfortable scenario. Which is where the train comes in.

I decided that on my travels back from Bristol to London I would listen to the record and actually try to grab more of a hold of it, because yesterday it just washed all over me and I never really got anything more out of it than just a general feeling, albeit a very good feeling. You might be thinking that a noisy train wouldn't be the best place to start digesting music but by the very nature of all the distractions I managed to remain more focused on the music than I had before, the result of that meant that I picked up on so many more layers than I thought had even existed on the first listen.

I'm going to refrain from summarising the album quite yet (it is only day two!) but what I will say is that one of the greatest things to come out of this album for me so far are the songs when he's accompanied by the fantastic Ashley Webber on vocals. The main highlight being the truly beautiful 'So Everyone'.  Webber and Oldham's voice seem to compliment each other so well, especially when sung at the same time, it's almost like they're a married couple fighting to tell the world how much they mean to each other on this track. It also has one of my favourite lines from the record on it.