Label: Makemine Records Release date: 30.03.09 - out now! Website:, Lissy Trullie Blog Out of New York, the rawness of the city translates into the single "Boy Boy" such that it delivers a nice daily slice of pop-punk rock n roll from the city itself. This song craves dancing, a bit of booze, and some recording device (perhaps an old school polaroid camera or video camera) to document the rock n roll experience you’re going to get. The entire Self-Taught Learner EP is actually quite lovely. But not to digress, all the tongue in cheek demure adorned with Lissy’s unique boyish voice makes this single spectacular!... Said to be like a breath of Chrissie Hynde, Blondie, and Television, I'd have to say Lissy is plainly herself and she alone is what makes Boy Boy so enchanting from start to finish. It’s loaded with wit and has that fantastic extra little bit of punk-rock attitude behind its “razor sharp” lyrics. She’s got the smarts sewn into Boy Boy and it’s sorely brilliant how her coy attitude makes the best of singing about “sloppy seconds.” Like I said before, she’s the NY rocker girl starlet to keep your radar on…she’s that girl with that charming back bone and is “truly” splendid. Last note - a while back I wrote a 405Radar piece on her, so if you want to look at some cool pictures and read a little more about the Lissy Trullie band, you can check it out here! Rating: 10/10