Artist: Lissy Trullie Label: Witcha Recordings & Downtown Records Release Date: 08/06/2009 Website: Buy: Amazon Since seeing her in a pair of black, self-ripped Earnest Sewn jeans matched with an orange burnout tee, and briefly chatting with her for a few minutes after she rocked the hell out of the Biltmore Cabaret's stage here in Vancouver BC, what I now have is a slight addiction to Lissy Trullie style, charm, and charisma! Not only does she epitomize the effortless cool all timeless rock 'n roll chicks have, but her Self-Taught Learner EP is capital F for Fan-effing-tastic. Simply FANTASTIC, I SAY! You can't help but do the twist when "Money" starts to blast from the speakers; you can't help but thrash and bust out some hard-hitting dance moves when "Ready for the Floor" comes on; and you can't help but sing along to "Self-Taught Learner." Your cold black heart will melt and start to blush at the sight and sound of Lissy. And no, i'm not kidding around here. What this EP brings is a renewal to 60s punk-rock garage music. Lissy herself gives off a great feel-good vibe, which translates beautifully into each song. And the more you listen to the five not-long-enough tracks, the better and better they sound with every listen. Basically, to ask me to pick my favourite of all five songs is almost close to impossible, my friends. And let me tell you, her boyish vocals, her coy and cheeky attitude, and the sly lyrics are just more reasons why her music is so badass. Give it a listen ! I have not a farthing of negative criticism to give. Great EP. Rate: 10/10