Label: Full On Calm Release date: 01/06/09 Website: For a band that don't release material very often, Little Glitches certainly manage to reach some respectful ears; only last week the title track of their enticing new EP received airplay on BBC6 music. This is one of the Beeb's better stations on offer because it doesn't play torturous music round the clock and rather than the bashable voices of Chris Moyles, and Fearne & Reggie, you've got the cool and hilarious voices of Bob Dylan, and Adam & Joe. However, I can save suggestions that I hate Radio 1 for another day, time talk about 123. The main brunt of Little Glitches' music is the smooth, psychedelic strength and harmony created by their vocals overlapping one another, backed by the melodic guitar and the retro, ambient sounds made by the Fender Rhodes piano, pioneered by the likes of Herbie Hancock and the Cat Empire. The individual sound of Little Glitches mobilizes each song on 123 with terrific results, most notably in the title track, along with 'Cold Day' and 'These Trees Line Roads', which strike accord with Middle English folk; the kind of music that Nick Drake-ites would jam to in a forest. What stands out the most on the EP is '2 Dead Men'. Starting with crackling, clicking sound effects, like mutated dolphins, and progressing onto an uplifting arrangement, this is the band at their most evocative. Almost as endearing as this, is the minute-and-a-half-long closing track, 'Sunshine On Rain', which is softer and more modest than the others, bringing the EP to a quiet close. Rating: 8/10