Over the past year, North London rapper Little Simz has done what so many dream of doing - selling out shows and touring the world with no major label backing. Every show she puts on leaves one feeling invigorated and affected by the energy she releases. On Wednesday night, Simz performed her debut album A Curious Tale of Trials + Persons in front of a sold-out crowd at the O2 Academy in Angel, just a stone's throw from where she lit up the stage and outshone Pusha T at Red Bull's Future Sounds of hip-hop tour.

Performing with a live band only proved how versatile Simz' music is. Granted it falls within the genre of hip-hop but it also relies on sounds beyond it. A Curious Tales of Trials + Persons is an album made for the live stage. Its reflective nature and journey-like concept allows the audience to travel with Simz through her life, from the nights where she kept her neighbour up to the jubilation upon realising that she was about to release her debut album, independently.

There were a number of highlights during the sold out show, the obvious guest appearances of Stormzy and grime legend Kano for one but it was the tribute to Simz' neighbour, Mary, that had fans enamoured. The sixth track on the album, 'God Bless Mary', is a heartfelt dedication to a neighbour who had to put up with hearing music being blasted through the bedroom walls for many years. It sees Simz apologise for keeping her up late at night with her music but also admits that she'd do it all over again. With an appearance from London duo The Hic (who feature on 'Gratitude'), Simz was able to demonstrate how she can captivate audiences with a mellow vibe and lyrical cadence.

A common belief upon leaving a Simz show is how infectious her aura is - she doesn't scrimp when it comes to putting on a great show. One can only imagine that when she leaves the stage, Simz is overwhelmed by a huge sense of euphoria and who could blame her? The 21-year-old is on her way to the top, and without the backing of a major label.

To say that Little Simz has grown in confidence would be somewhat deceitful. Having seen her perform at various shows over the past year, it's clear that the confidence has always been there and if anything, there was an added element of excitement due to the impending release of her album. King Simbi claimed her crown months ago and the release of her eagerly awaited debut album is what certifies her reign.