Venue: Northampton Roadmender Support Bands: Katie Malco, Buick McKane Date: 14/08/2009 Tubelord are brilliant, and I think you’d be lying to yourself if you said otherwise. The screamy, mathy pop trio have been steadily releasing singles, tracks on MySpace, EPs and so on for a little while and, with pretty much anyone who’s heard them left hungry for a full length, there’s a healthy buzz around the band. There’s no reason not to jump at the chance to see them live, and that’s exactly what we did.
Katie Malco
We arrive at the venue as Katie Malco is playing, the first of the two local supports. A standard, but still quite lovely acoustic singer-songwriter with a sweet voice akin to Emmy the Great and the like. We would know what to expect even if we hadn’t seen her before, but that doesn’t stop her songs from being fantastic and getting the night off to a pleasant start. If she ends up playing near you then I encourage you to go and listen.
Buick McKane
Next up is Buick McKane, a guitar and drums duo who make a ridiculous amount of noise given their stripped-down lineup. They play punchy, energetic indie rock that is ridiculously, crushingly heavy for a genre that is becoming increasingly drowned in lightweight synths and bass lines. They are a breath of fresh air with a sound thick enough to choke on, and they got the crowd nice and warmed up for the main event.
The crowd swells to the front for Tubelord as they spread out across the stage and burst in to life. They somehow manage to be even more energetic than on record, with the band throwing themselves behind their songs with weighty basslines, jerky, melodic guitars and powerful drumming holding everything together whilst high-pitched voices shriek above the racket. The small crowd reacts with enthusiasm, dancing all over the place in a messy tangle of bodies. Tubelord
Night Of The Pencils is a definite highlight – not only is it one of their best and biggest songs, inspiring huge singalongs, but the singer dons a pig mask and drags his mic stand in to the crowd halfway through the song to let us all get involved if we want.
As well as crowd pleasers like I Am Azerrad, Tubelord also broke out some new songs, keeping us dancing and raising the anticipation for a new album even more. The band seem to keep gaining in confidence and ability with the new material being some of their best yet. Ultimately, things were all over too soon, and they left us hungry for more.
Tubelord Tubelord
Fun, furious, frantic, fabulous. I love Tubelord and so will you. See them live, you will not regret it.