I have yet to see a bad review of Present Tense - in fact I have yet to hear much in the way of criticism at all. Released on Monday to glowing write ups from all quarters, I've listened to my copy of the record a ridiculous amount of times since it was sent to me last month - so much so that I was convinced the album was released a few weeks back. The only question left to ask was, would it live up to the hype live?

Wild Beasts have a great pedigree when it comes to live shows. The last time I saw the band perform indoors was at Shepherds Bush Empire and it was a pretty tangible experience. My internal organs reverberated with the bass created on works from their previous album like I'd never experienced before.

With that in mind, my expectations as I approached XOYO on Wednesday evening were higher than I think they've ever been before prior to a gig. I'm usually wary of managing my expectations, getting carried away can often be a sobering experience should the band have an off day or the sound fails on the night. However hard I try though, my excitement built steadily throughout the day. Listening to the album on the way to the gig, my usual pre-gig warm up and reminiscing about the times I've seen the band previously means the prospect of seeing Wild Beasts back in an intimate venue is almost too good to be true.

Those who showed up for tonight's album launch expecting a run through solely of the new record were mistaken. We're treated to a selection of the band's finest work peppered between renditions of their new material, which will undoubtedly go on to share the same affection as their 'classics'.

Having arrived on stage promptly, there is a look of bewilderment amongst the devoted throng of fans when 45 minutes later the band from Kendal bow out from the stage, 30 minutes before their scheduled finish time. Of course they return for an encore featuring 'Lions Share' - easily one of the greatest live songs of all time.

On record they are great, but watching Wild Beasts live is something else completely. Listening to the album on the way home - which has to be the highest rated album of the year so far - is nothing compared to experiencing its contents in person. The instruments have so much more depth live. Their voices are just as encapsulating as they are on record and the bass reverberates through the steel ductwork of XOYO's ventilation system which spans the ceiling like an instrument.

It's too easy for us to get wrapped up in the hype and struggle to be objective when music is as exciting as this, but sometimes the hype is more than warranted. Especially for something as moving as this latest collection from a band who have been consistent in their brilliance for six years now. But in the interest of balance, the venue choice means half the audience suffer from restricted views. The set was possibly a song or three too short too. Being a gig for fans you would have thought they would have pulled out the stops to cram as much in to the hour and fifteen slot as possible, rather than just the bare minimum.

Did either of these points stop me from enjoying the set? Of course not. Not even the over-priced, undersized cans of Heineken could dampen my joy walking out of Shoreditch last night. Usually I'd be rattled by the constant chat from my neighbours (and their subsequent argument with someone who'd taken exception to their vain attempts to speak over the band), but last night it didn't bother me in the slightest. It was their loss not mine.

Every time I hear Wild Beasts on record or see them live I fall in love with them that extra bit more. It's because of music like this that people like me write and why sites like this exist. Thanks guys.