Released: November 7th Genre: Drama Rating: R Trailer: Click here The Film - A successful artist looks back with loving memories on the summer of his defining year, 1974. A talented, but troubled eighteen year old art student befriends an elderly alcoholic genius painter who has turned his back on not only art, but life. The two form, what appears to be at first a tenuous relationship. The kid wants to learn all the secrets the master has locked away inside his head and heart. Time has not been kind to the old master. His life appears pointless to him until the kid rekindles his interest in his work and ultimately gives him the will to live. Together, they give one another a priceless gift. The kid learns to see the world through the master’s eyes. And the master learns to see life through the eyes of innocence again. This story is based on a real life experience. The Verdict - Hoorah! At long last, what we've all been waiting for; a simple yet effective, no nonsense story that brings with it a collection of warm, fuzzy nostalgic feelings. Local Color is a well needed breath of fresh air or as it stands, a new lick of paint onto the tinny,generic and repetitive machine that is Hollywood, churning out thoughtless, self righteous crap by the track load, year after year. Local color is a perfect example of a notion that made someone stop and think about how a great film really could be made. Director George Gallo's palatable approach to depicting the dream of a young mans hopes in becoming a talented artist is aided with a picturesque backdrop filmed in the green pastures of Louisiana, to make for an absorbing and sometimes heart felt rendition of passion,triumph,jealousy and an uplifting sense that nothing is impossible. With a brilliantly blended cast, Armin Mueller-Stahl and Trevor Morgan's on screen bond gels so incredibly well that this performance, in my eyes is unmissable.