For Local Natives first headline show at such a prominent London venue, they seemed confident and comfortable. And being backed by an excellent range of support from Blue Roses; Lissie, good times were had by all. First to take to the stage was fabulous, Illinois folk-rocker, Lissie. Opening in such a large venue can be a hard feat, but her country-folk-indie blend had the crowd going from the off. Her characteristic homeland charmers, felt glistening and powerful, her voice caressing the crevices of the Shepherds Bush Empire. Stomping around on stage with marvellous control, she had the audience in the palm of her hand, leading onto her final track with a catchy opening melodies and a embracing guitar solo to finish off. Greeted with a resounding applause, she led the way for Blue Roses. Blues Roses could only be described as theatrical, leading you through a performance that developed as time progressed. Using a combination of violin, piano and intertwining vocal harmonies it struck an emotive essence. Overall, the set was enchanting and self indulgent, and a play in itself. This could only leave Local Natives, who took the stage at 9.30, to the joy of the crowd. At first, the band seemed exasperated, as though constant touring of their first album Gorilla Manor had beaten them, but after a while they settled down. Their set contained favourites throughout keeping the crowd on edge, while they seemed happy to be there, with each member skipping around in their own little energetic world. The blend of high-key and lo-fi tracks worked well, allowing the audience to flow between each, going from warm, to invigorating. After playing for almost an hour they started to really take things into their own, experimenting with tracks and throwing their energy into them aggressively. The beating drums of Kelcey and Matt intertwining and twisting around each other while the others plucked away furiously. With them putting forward so much energy, the crowd was equally hyped, jumping around impressively. With it all coming to a big climax via ‘Airplanes’. The band ran off for an encore, coming on just a minute later and exciting the crowd for one last time with a all out rendition of ‘Sun Hands,’ setting the place alive, leaving the stage, the crowds all bellowed out with massive grins branded across their faces. Certainly a good sign?