If you visit the official tumblr site for LOL Boys you will be greeted by full screen images of Japanese Crisps adverts and tweets from Kanye West and Kim Kardashian praising their beats. Jerome Potter and Marcus Garcia have obviously chosen the moniker of LOL Boys to suit their own nature, they seem like fairly fun loving guys. Working between LA and Montreal the pair have previously released songs that were quirkily catchy and a damn good Rugrats inspired tune, however their new EP Changes finds them in a different mood.

Where their first LP Moments in Heartbreak was often cheekily brash and funny these songs are replaced with a more chilled out groove. The opener 'Changes (Ft Heart Streets) begins with a hit of jazz and follows on in the same fashion, other elements are added, a piano and trumpet but the piece maintains a fresh jazzy swing throughout. The female vocals of hip-hop par Heart Streets add to the eclectic house music something familiar and uplifting. Their work is also present on 'Minds Clouded', a song based mainly around sparse percussion and a Burial inspired sample.

The centre of the EP is the touching 'Get Close To Me', the raw slim line house music alongside Angelina Lucero's vocal is the high point of LOL Boys career so far. With Lucero repeatedly asking "How can I get you in my arms?" Potter and Garcia weave lavish musical landscapes around her, beginning with a punch and ending in a swamp of percussion the track bear repeated listening.

Elsewhere the EP contains two covers of the title track, one a one take wonder from Anenon an LA based musician and the other a remix by highly rated producer Schlomo. His remix in particular takes the track in a more bass heavy direction, including elements of trap and some beautiful synth tones, showing that LOL Boys are unafraid of stylistic shifts.

The Changes EP is as its title suggests, a turning point for the duo. LOL Boys are evolving into something serious. They are gradually leaving the charming but ultimately shallow humour behind them and embracing their talent for making interesting and eclectic electronic music.